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while at the moment more fleeting and editorial (see Variant magazine but also as translator from German into English), there are, amongst other, these  publications in academic and non-academic places:


Helms, G (2011) The presence of precarity: self-employment as contemporary form, Variant 41, pp. 39-42 [link to file here]
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Helms, G (2010) Doodley-do? Doodley Don’t! Life and Sabotage, Variant 38, pp. 16-19. [link to file here]
Helms, G, Fishmidt, M and L Berlant (2010) Affect and the politics of austerity: an interview exchange with Lauren Berlant, Variant 39/40, pp. 3-6 [link to file here]
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Helms, G (2008) Towards safe city centres? Remaking the spaces of an old-industrial city. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 238 [more info here]
Atkinson, R and G Helms (eds) (2007) Securing an urban renaissance: crime, community and British urban policy, Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 304 [more info here]