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it has been the source of much of what i do for a long time : so, it’s probably time for a more public acknowledgement.


there are a series of projects that are self-institutionalised:

Variant magazine

the Strickland Distribution


the relationships between private and public | the personal and the collective/ the social┬ásignify dichotomies or polarities in conventional speech. yet, as internal relations, the process of these is always among, between and beyond such polarities. so: let’s not be bound to the speech form of identifying opposites. these and many other questions of selves and others have been at the core of a three-year coaching and facilitation course with the Berlin-based Hanuman Institut. Year three is ongoing. There is more to come.

all of the above also find their form and expression in various workshop formats: as reading groups, institutional skills development or as exploration of informal learning processes.

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