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a winter foray into mood, atmosphere, expression and inspiration. a conifer wood on a hilltop somewhere in Scotland’s north east. an attempt at collaborative practice. first, the colloborative practice disappeared or rather: disentangled into its separate ways. latterly moody expression turned to translation and modification. the wooded hilltop remained.

in all, this project provided much inspirational sustenance over the past year. it provided a way other than the previous forthright expression. it also provided a number of pointers on contemporary landscape, whether the i finds resonance in the woods or whether merely wild birds screech.

its fieldwork in charcoal and pencil led to some oil studies and finally (so far) monotypes of screenprinting, graphite and oilbars.

i am still trying to find a space for some perspex. but that may just be a temporary phase.

DV (red)

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