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House Rosenberg : outside in

IMG_4171 (1)House Rosenberg : outside in

This is a family album and a response. A response to a number of family albums that I received in my twenties from my friend. For a long time, she would chronicle our meetings, our road trips, and also my romantic endeavours of that time. Every so often, she would present me with an album of them. Our visual exchanges have for some time lived in sending moving and still images between ourselves, more often than not they are to provide a visual insight for the one who is not present.

This album was assembled initially for a slide show, with a narrative much less calm and considered than these images. Yet, I also realised that the images chosen for the projection were already selected for her and as a contemporary album of my last visit to her and her family’s home.

The home shares much with my mother’s childhood home. These connections between the emigration of German Jews; the construction materials that they moved to Palestine in the mid-1930s, and which means that House Rosenberg shares similarities with my mother’s childhood home; and our own families of origin, including their various involvements with the NS, has been a long and enduring strand throughout our friendship that stretches across Northern Europe and the Levant.

House Rosenberg : outside in, is a family album from the inside of a car, halting in various places across West Jerusalem and further afield, and the outsides (sometimes a little closer) of my friend’s current family home.