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a | o attempt #4 (d)

Two discussions and almost a week since my last thinking back to. Rather than a moving train it is now my sofa, a coffee, some music and a bowl full of duck down nearby.

Okay… a sunny Saturday and my joy at getting out of town. Of being able to run around a stretch of hill slope, woodland and nearby loch shore. Fresh filter coffee to share with a. before I head up further. I am excited in anticipation what this site will do to o|a and what this juxtaposing and transposition may amount to (for me, the initial piece, people elsewhere and in fact for the wood and bracken around.)

I am photographing vistas again. Here – this is what ‘near me’ looks like, or rather: ‘not so near me’ as it’s gazing at the far side of the loch and the hills beyond. The string becomes a line between two trees… a hawthorn and something more indiscriminate, young, leafless and of undetermined liveliness.

It’s playful to watch them enframing the view. The light catches on them and emphasises their waxy translucence. What beautiful objects. Moved around and handled by others; now and here being moved and handled by wind, gravity and sunlight. My personal and private performance, staged on a line and complete with sound. Am I audience, director or merely incidental. Who else is involved. Who is missing.