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c | fieldwork. exhibition opening

exhibition extended until 30 november!

c | fieldwork

tom bush | gesa helms


Colour and field mark significant and deliberate elements of both our work. How this work is developed, constituted and inquired upon could however hardly be different.

We explored the crossings between the ‘origins’ – German classical modernism and the Romantics’ hunt for the sublime. We also played with the generational tendencies therein. Letting two bodies of work – acrylics, oil, printmaking and drawing – explore these tendencies and approaches not only side by side but in dialogue with each other is our aim with this exhibition.

The work put forward for exhibition is a body of work of about 25 pieces, created between 2008 and 2011. Many of these develop in series – Tom’s 20×20 cm explorations of the possibilities of colour in 25 squares and their atonal visual melody as mathematical play, or Gesa’s Fieldworks that originate from plein air sketches from Northern Germany and elsewhere and develop in printmaking and drawing.

Gesa’s practice of fieldwork – the collecting of information and how this is explored through research and experiment into expressive marks on canvas and paper seems to provide the antipode to Tom’s imagining of colour allusions and illusions that are, then, with plenty of tape and acrylic paint put on board. Yet, common in both our approaches is the interest to enquire about our perception of colour and field. In common is also an exploration of expression and an acknowledgement of its ambiguity.