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the weather: the job

“ruthi gavin sat hidden among the bushes in the depth of night and observed the house of gordon scott. she wore dark leather gloves. once in a while she pushed slowly one of the bush’s branches to the side only to then let it slowly move back to its previous position. one after another all […]

The presence of precarity

The presence of precarity Self-employment as contemporary formGesa Helms Aligning artistic and academic labour in their shared belief in creative and autonomous practices and work identity formation – the valorisation of one’s self in such relational labour practices – this study, drawing on Maurizio Lazaratto and Sergio Bologna, takes us some way towards unravelling some […]

Doodley-doo? Doodley don’t!

Doodley-doo? Doodley don’t! Life and SabotageGesa Helms “There are two lines of enquiry for this review (of an admittedly rather unimportant book, Claire Faÿ’s The Doodle Notebook. How to Waste Time in the Office, that has already received far more than its fair share of coverage):a. what kind of practices are proposed “to take on […]