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a | o attempts #1-4 : closing

writing about the site and showing the site let the site be two different things. in the writing (in situ and in memory) the string with its objects, my presence and that of others are foregrounded. this is the site in full view. can you see it? what other foregrounding of objects and presence can […]

a | o attempt #4 (d)

Two discussions and almost a week since my last thinking back to. Rather than a moving train it is now my sofa, a coffee, some music and a bowl full of duck down nearby. Okay… a sunny Saturday and my joy at getting out of town. Of being able to run around a stretch of […]

a | o attempt #3 (d)

On commute through East End I am thinking back to Cashel. The sensation in my stomach is the first I notice, then the view across the loch and a very orange sunshine. A steaming cup of coffee. Cold air playing with my hair. I see my bags and things, spread out on the bench and […]

a | o attempt #2

Noone had come past since I walked up this path a few hours ago. And still: as soon as I placed the string across the path I became anxious that someone would come by and discover my little personal performance. Also: I had simply blocked the path with a string and things hanging off it […]

a | o attempt #1.2

Walking up another bend further. The air cools and I anticipate the open heathland ahead. The wind is more noticeable and I feel cool air on my sweaty head. Where is the string. How far can I remove myself from it. Do I lose attachment. Do I stop caring. I must ensure that none of […]

a | o attempt #1

I now walked up further. I see the Cobbler to northwest and behind this bend of the path there are fir and larch up in the distance. It is quieter still, very little wind. Now it’s behind me, it catches my hair and moves on north. There is little sign of decay. Some of the […]