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House Rosenberg : outside in

House Rosenberg : outside in This is a family album and a response. A response to a number of family albums that I received in my twenties from my friend. For a long time, she would chronicle our meetings, our road trips, and also my romantic endeavours of that time. Every so often, she would […]

a | o attempt #4 (d)

Two discussions and almost a week since my last thinking back to. Rather than a moving train it is now my sofa, a coffee, some music and a bowl full of duck down nearby. Okay… a sunny Saturday and my joy at getting out of town. Of being able to run around a stretch of […]

a | o attempt #3 (d)

On commute through East End I am thinking back to Cashel. The sensation in my stomach is the first I notice, then the view across the loch and a very orange sunshine. A steaming cup of coffee. Cold air playing with my hair. I see my bags and things, spread out on the bench and […]

chance 1

she had two contacts when leaving school. one in catalonia and one on the isle of skye. she rang the latter first but noone answered the phone. she told me this over breakfast in edinburgh, she having come to scotland for a holiday, living by now for 16 years in catalonia. i had two phone […]

negative space. indexed

offline i’m concerned with memory pieces: like this one that multiplies a cyclamen alongside a bowl rubbing. it’s ‘still life with significant objects’ in course note speak. it’s also my grandparents’ living room thirty years on. not sure where its graphitey flatness may take me. back in time? or forwards? or just a little circle?