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chance 1

she had two contacts when leaving school. one in catalonia and one on the isle of skye. she rang the latter first but noone answered the phone. she told me this over breakfast in edinburgh, she having come to scotland for a holiday, living by now for 16 years in catalonia. i had two phone […]

So, he took the time with him

… but before that, he told me, some fifteen years ago that I would go and publish books. I just laughed: ‘dream on!’ But he should be right. He never published a book of his own. I think he should have one, and so he now has one – as My ghost of time. Two […]

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i thought i’d spare you the whimsical one aka My Ghost of time [6] – rhyming time with mine, involving travel and slowness. you’ll get the picture for it though. and there’ll be two more to come [i think]