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a defining characteristic

i stumbled upon the bearded gypsum goat (see earlier post) while looking for photos of the current diane arbus retrospective at gropius-bau. i was searching for photos of those men and women that are named by their first and family name and the dangerous, bizarre, enviable thing that they could do. going through the exhibition […]

the goat-bearded reminder

  while searching bookshop postcard walls in vain for someone else, i found this goat and was reminded. reminded of the project task for the year: person-making. picasso’s goat as assemblage of stencil and gypsum seems to indicate the errands and errors of the project thus far: i saw and took it for a stencilled […]

introspecting silently

one of the rare timespaces where i’ve been catching up and finishing with a series of books over just a few days. the most recent one, after varied novels of contemporary and historical romantic relationships, is carolyn ellis‘s The Ethnographic I. it had been my commuting read during winter but after that languished. a novel […]

harpia harpyja

mythology encaged. my relationship to mythology firmly located in 30 years ago and a contemporary form, i was taken by surprise in my discovery: the draw to the birds of prey made me greet Greek mythology in flesh. the Harpy Eagle, apex predator, a human face and an eagle body. feeding to take place with […]

negative space. indexed

offline i’m concerned with memory pieces: like this one that multiplies a cyclamen alongside a bowl rubbing. it’s ‘still life with significant objects’ in course note speak. it’s also my grandparents’ living room thirty years on. not sure where its graphitey flatness may take me. back in time? or forwards? or just a little circle?

training in resilience

“Neoliberal citizenship is nothing if not a training in resilience. All of which is to say that anxiety and resilience are now core to the jargon of neoliberal authenticity. Superficially, such jargon is full of ‘recognition’ for the complexities of human experience (‘of course you are anxious’; ‘we all share the same fears’; ‘it’s only […]

krabat / raven

a slither of memory from my 9-year old self. how could i have forgotten: the magic of leaving one’s body; becoming a raven; and of time moving at different speed in different places. do not be fooled by the sunny clunky animation; but above all: do enjoy this weekend.