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What’s in a lie. Or how about telling the truth.

All the work around my family and their sites has involved a concern for truth-telling, veracity and an assumption that these may provide transparency: a form of knowing that allows errant energies to settle and coalesce in one place or another. To get things out of my hair and onto the page (in image and/or […]

krabat / raven

a slither of memory from my 9-year old self. how could i have forgotten: the magic of leaving one’s body; becoming a raven; and of time moving at different speed in different places. do not be fooled by the sunny clunky animation; but above all: do enjoy this weekend.    

c | fieldwork. exhibition opening

exhibition extended until 30 november! c | fieldwork tom bush | gesa helms   Colour and field mark significant and deliberate elements of both our work. How this work is developed, constituted and inquired upon could however hardly be different. We explored the crossings between the ‘origins’ – German classical modernism and the Romantics’ hunt […]

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seems a good descriptor for current practice and has served me well over the past while. it started with a much more search then show quickly attitude those four years ago. since then, my practice went through a variation of more hesitant and more showey cycles. from long text entries to recently much more image-focused […]

The Glasgow Keelie (1990-93) is online

An archive of the Glasgow Keelie (1990-93) is online! The Keelie was a free broadsheet that exposed the cynicism and business motivation of the 1990 Glasgow City of Culture re-branding of the city, asking ‘where’s the legacy?’ It highlighted the corruption of local politicians, and the plight of ordinary people during the early 90s recession. […]